Jimmy O’Hare & Maximillian at 303 Northcote

Jimmy O’Hare & Maximillian with special guest Bec Goring

Bar 303 Northcote

Sunday 2 September, 5pm

Presale here

Event on Facebook


Jimmy O’Hare and Maximillian are two young guitarists ready to strut and fret one of Melbourne’s premier local stages. For this special show, Jimmy O’Hare and Maximillian will debut a fresh guitar alliance, teaming up with special guest, soul troubadour Bec Goring. Together the three acts represent the some of Victoria’s most promising new guitar talent.


Jimmy O’Hare and Maximillian first met at music school, where they both put countless hours into honing their craft and finding their own sounds. Following in the colossal footsteps of their forbearers, they are ready make their mark amidst a thriving landscape of Australian guitarists. Melbourne’s eclectic music scene offers an audience hungry to embrace Jimmy’s command for riff-driven fingerstyle or Maximillian’s originals cut from Brazil’s cloth of guitar and vocal poets.

Jimmy was born and raised in the shadow of the Macedon Ranges, and honed his fingers on the likes of Maneli Jamal, Andy McKee and Australian legend Tommy Emmanuel. Open-tunings and a percussive vision for the guitar thrusts Jimmy among a growing movement of guitarists reimagining the trajectory of the instrument. A stagecraft innovator, Jimmy continues to dazzle audiences with both a delicacy of touch and a knack for powerful grooves.

Maximillian hails from Victoria’s Surf Coast, where he spent his childhood listening to an array of guitar heroes like Leo Kottke and Brazil’s Baden-Powell. Absorbing other influences from both North and South America, Maximillian represents the collision of transcontinental guitar cultures. His 2017 debut self-titled album featured his original Brazilian seven-string guitar and vocal stylings, showcasing this variety of influences, which he weaves into his original music. Fresh off tour supporting Australian veteran Xavier Rudd on his recent Walk Away Australian leg, Maximillian is eager to hit the stage in his local neighbourhood.

Despite hitting on different styles and nurturing their individuality, Jimmy O’Hare and Maximillian mutually promise a command of their guitars, an infectious passion for their art and a vitality for performance, a trademark of their youth.


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